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Freaktoyz History

Est. 1998

Freaktoyz started almost entirely because of Melanie and Matthew's love of collecting vintage toys. After the two got married in 1994, Matthew discovered the depths of Melanie's addiction to all things wrestling.

When Melanie was a little girl, her grandfather would take her to the store every weekend and buy her a new wrestling action figure. Did Melanie need a new wrestling figure every week? Of course she did! How else was she going to relive all the classic matches that she and her grandparents would watch on TV? Not to mention, every time there was a live wrestling event, they would all be at that show. Over the years, almost all the figures ended up being sold by her mother.

After they got married, Melanie and Matthew would go to flea markets, and toy shows to restart her collection. As it turns out, back in the '90s, there were a lot of sellers that would sell "box lots" where you had to buy everything in the box, even if you just wanted one figure.

After a year of this, you might wonder what you do with hundreds of extra figures that you do not need in your collection? Thanks to their friend Andy, who introduced them to the art of selling toys, they started selling their own toys at flea markets and toy shows.

After the internet became more readily available and eBay, Melanie, and Matthew decided to start selling on eBay in 1998.

Over the years, Melanie and Matthew always had full-time jobs because they had children, dogs, car payments, and needed insurance.

Fast forward to 2011 when the job market had been very tough; Matthew spent the previous two years applying everywhere he could, but no one would hire him. He finally leaped and opened the very first Freaktoyz brick and mortar location on February 8, 2011.

Freaktoyz has grown every year since they had opened the doors. In September 2017, Freaktoyz moved to a much bigger location. Luckily, the more significant location was only two doors down from the old location. Now Freaktoyz has over 4,000 square feet of retail space. As well as still having their eBay store.

Freaktoyz would never have been able to expand without the support of its loyal customers.

To this day, Melanie still collects wrestling memorabilia, and Matthew's favorite pieces include Shogun Warriors and vintage Star Wars. They may have their favorites, but they enjoy seeing and witnessing all the incredible collectibles that are out there in the world.

Freaktoyz would like to personally thank our wonderful community for all the support over the years, and we hope to continue to serve the finer Sheboygan area for years to come.



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